​3rd December, 2017 (Sunday) – Seek To Know

By: Tetteh patience

Our main text (Proverbs 24:5) informs us that to increase in strength, one must always be after knowledge because the truth you know will set you free when you encounter mountains in life.

Your knowledge of who you are in God and His provisions for your victory are evident in God’s word. Knowledge is the reason why two different Christians would react very differently to the same harassment of the devil.

Their reaction to the attacks and wiles of the devil is dependent on the amount of strength each possesses; and knowledge is the source of strength. [If] thou faint in the day of adversity, thy strength [is] small. – Proverbs 24:10

Seek to know and receive divine strength against any mountain that will hinder your destiny. May God bless His Word. Amen!

© Christians Message Devotional 2017

About Christians Message Devotional

We are workers of the Kingdom of God. We bring to you daily devotional that would help you build a quality relationship with God.
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