​4th December, 2017 (Monday) – We Give God Glory

By: Takyi Benedict Yankyerah

Psalm 8:1,4 – O Jehovah our Lord, how mighty thy name in all the earth! who will set thy majesty over the heavens. Out of the mouth of children and sucklings thou hast founded strength on account of thine enemies, to cause the enemy and the avenger to cease. For I shall see thy heavens, the work of thy fingers; the moon and the stars which thou didst prepare. What is man that thou wilt remember him? and the son of man that thou wilt review him?

This world is darkness and Bible clearly states that the god of it is Satan; nothing good could be expected out of it. And we the men in it…, same story. Paul rightly puts that even we believer were darkness and are now become light through the work Christ came to do. Hallelujah. However this is what even the stars, the Sun and moon, even the angels can’t fathom; how out of such darkness, and ungodliness, and troubles, and persecution and destruction in the world there are still a people who cause the name of the Lord to be mighty here on earth. God is awesome, the angels ministering before Him can’t help it but cry Holy and fall down in worship.

But we, in so depraved a place, how we sing and make shouts of joy unto Him who is in heaven, beats the imagination of the angels so that they ask, who is man? Beloved God doesn’t despise your voice one moment, neither is He ashamed of you for the wrongs you do but rather He takes glory from your rising up and your praise and your heart of love for Him, that you still trust Him when all is lost. He sees your pain and all you go through and He can’t hold it when through all that, you still are able to lift your hands in glory. That thing silences the devil, and sets the angels even to thinking. Your are God’s glory here on earth, His treasured possession. Never settle for anything less.


© Christians Message Devotional 2017

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