17th September, 2018 (Monday) – God was with Him

By: Takyi Y. Benedict

Acts 10:38 – “About Jesus of Nazareth, how God gave the Holy Spirit to him, with power: and how he went about doing good… for God was with him” [BBE]

Have you ever been ‘blessed’ with an opportunity to pay someone in their own coin? Have you ever found yourself in a very terrible situation that the temptation to do wrong was irresistible? Well, the word of God says in Hebrews 4:15, that Jesus Christ was tempted at every point like us and yet was without sin. We see from the head text once again that He went about doing good because God was with Him.

“God was with Him”, that was all He needed to walk the way of the Lord. We too as joint heirs with Christ and his brethren do not have a different story, hence the motivation is the same; the truth that God is with us. Not with us with a big cane to wack your head the moment you go wrong, but with you as a loving father whose thoughts and provision towards you is perfect continually. Why would you bother to repay another man with evil when God, your father, stands with you to comfort and love you? Even the loneliness that leads people to stray into all manner of immorality is removed the moment we understand the truth of His presence with us.

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About Christians Message Devotional

We are workers of the Kingdom of God. We bring to you daily devotional that would help you build a quality relationship with God.
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