18th September, 2018 (Tuesday) – Seventy times Seven = LOVE

By: Mensah Timothy Vincent

Matthew 18.21-22

Is there the need to count the number of times we render forgiveness to people? Peter desired to know the number of times he should forgive someone who sins against him and Jesus said, seventy times seven. How do you understand this?

In Daniel 9:24, something very relevant is recorded. It says, Seven times seventy years is the length of time God has set for freeing your people”. This verse may be explained in many ways but today, I want us to understand that it is a symbolic prophecy concerning the redemption Jesus shall give or has given to mankind; and we know that, this redemption came from LOVE.

Now, Jesus told Peter to forgive seventy times seven not in terms of counting, but to refer to the suffering He (Jesus) will go through to FORGIVE man in order to free us from sin and out of LOVE will gain us to be God’s people. This makes us aware that, if someone sins against us, we shouldn’t worry about how many times we need to forgive them; all we need to do is to apply the LOVE Jesus has shown unto us. We need not to captivate any brother or sister in anger since God has freed us all. We need not to hold on to any grudge. All we need to apply is LOVE. Seventy times seven is Love; let love lead. May God give us deeper understanding concerning this.

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