19th September, 2018 (Wednesday) – Crossing & Possessing

By: Mensah Timothy Vincent

Deuteronomy 11.31“For you will cross over the Jordan and go in to possess the land which the LORD your God is giving you, and you will possess it and dwell in it.”

There’s a daily target for every mankind; to cross “the Jordan” and go into “the land” to possess it. Crossing the Jordan is to overcome the daily challenges and Possessing the land is to please God. Each day’s walk with God is similar to journeying from Egypt to the promise land; and we need to make sure we at the end “possess the land” (please God). At the end of each day, we should judge our day to see if we could please God.

Immediately we wake up from bed, it’s more or less like we’re in Egypt and we’re about to set off to the promise land (pleasing God). The enemy brings in a lot of challenges and we encounter many obstacles in our daily life but God desires us to stay focus and overcome every challenge. We need to depend on the leading of the Spirit to overcome these challenges in order to please God; we need to pay conscious attention by being on guard. Today is a new day, will you cross your Jordan and Possess the land? May God grace you with strength.

© Christians Message Devotional 2018

About Christians Message Devotional

We are workers of the Kingdom of God. We bring to you daily devotional that would help you build a quality relationship with God.
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