What is CMD?
Christians Message Devotional is abbreviated to be CMD.

When did CMD ministry begin?
It all begun on whatsapp platform on 1st January, 2015 but the board CMD was well established in June, 2015.

Who is the founder of CMD?
Initially, CMD doesn’t have a human founder although the Lord started it by using one of the workers (writers) but the CMD board recognize and believe its founder is Christ Jesus our Lord.

Who Presides over CMD?
CMD has various branches or wings which different workers presides. All this wings comes together to form the CMD ministry therefore, it becomes difficult to know the man who presides over the whole of CMD. Since all the workers who presides over the wings of CMD are always led by the Holy Spirit, we believe and recognize the Holy Spirit to be the one Presiding the Ministry.

What are the Aims & Objectives of CMD?
1. To make Christ known to the world through social media & to win man’s soul to Christ.
2. Supply Believers with the rich and Quality word of God for Christian growth.
3. We are instrument to counsel and help readers with issues of their Christian life.
4. We also desire to join you in prayers. Make us aware of your prayer burden(s).

Who are the Writers and Workers of CMD?
1. M. T. Vincent
2. T. Y. Benedict
3. A. Emmanuella
4. D. Y. Benjamin
5. A. G. Angela
6. O. F. Sandra
7. A. Dorothy

(N.B: click on the link attached to the names to know their details)

What are the wings of CMD & who Presides?
1. Daily Devotional Wing – T. Y. Benedict
2. Readers Wing – A. Emmanuella & M. T. Vincent
3. Social Network’s Wing – M. T. Vincent
4. Prayer Wing – M. T. Vincent

What is our expectation from you our Readers?
1. To read every material provided by our ministry and make sure you understand very well. If there is something you don’t understand please don’t hesitate to seek help from our work office through our E-mail (christiansmessage@yahoo.com) or send us message on our Twitter Handle or whatsapp us through +233270208558 or you can send your comment right under the particular material you have a problem. You can also follow and chat us on our Instagram Profile as well as our Facebook’s Page
2. Share our materials with all you can. Don’t keep it all alone to yourself, help us to reach those we can’t reach directly, it can be done verbally or texting them with it.
3. Be a doer of what you learn. Don’t continue to do the wrong even after you get to know the truth here.
4. We also expect you to follow our ministry on Facebook, Twitter and even our Website.You can also send us messages through E-mail (christiansmessage@yahoo.com).
5. We also desire you to flow freely with the ministry, we will have time for your questions, prayer burdens (request), suggestions and comments.

What is CMD-AR?
CMDAR simply means Christians Message Devotional Additional Readers. This is one of the important wings under CMDAR presided by M. T. Vincent. Writer of CMD-AR prepare devotionals in detail and publish. They choose a topic for nourishment and treat it in details. It has been suspended for a while.

What is the Aims & Objectives of CMD-AR?
Our aim is to treat biblical topic or topics that will help in Christian life in detail. They also exist to give readers a defined knowledge on some topics in Christian life. In other words, they stand to throw more light in our Christian life.

Who are the workers of CMDAR?
1. M. T. Vincent – Head of Wing
2. O. F. Sandra – Writer
3. Other Writers

How is the schedules for the Devotional Publishing?
Sunday – Pending
Monday – M. T. Vincent
Tuesday – T. Y. Benedict
Wednesday – A. G. Angela
Thursday – A. Emmanuella
Friday – O. B. Juliet
Saturday – O. F. Sandra

* Rotational Writer – Atimpo Jasper

Can I join CMD/CMDAR?
That’s one of the greatest opportunity CMD ministry is willing to offer by the will of God. You are indeed welcome to work with us for the Kingdom.

Who qualifies to work with CMD/CMDAR?
1. A born again Christian.
2. Who is willing and ready to devote himself/herself to teach, counsel, help & share the pure Word of God with no manly doctrines.
3. Also ready to be loyal to the ministry.
4. Above all, is being led by the Spirit.

Contact us;

The Work,
Christians Message Devotional.

+233 27 020 8558

Copyright – 2016

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