M. T. Vincent


His full name is Mensah Timothy Vincent. He is dedicated young person to the work of God, who is 20 years of age. He is a Ghanaian from the Western and Central part of Ghana. He currently resides in Accra. He is a christian who attends a non-denominational church. He fellowships with the saints in the local church in Accra. He completed his senior High education in Anglican Senior High School (Kumasi) in 2014. He is the Administrator of Christians Message Devotional as well as the Social Network platforms Wing of CMD and the Head of the Additional Readers Wing of CMD. He is also the Assistant Head of the Reader’s Wing of CMD. He is the author of Monday devotionals. He was also called by the Shalom Youth Ministry (an Affiliated Ministry of CMD) in 2015 to be a Writer of the Tuesday Messages. He also works with an International Young People’s Ministry who help Counselling young people experiencing problem with lust and masturbation. He is also a missionary of CMD.

He is currently the Administrator of MEGA PRAISE PROJECTS. Mensah Timothy Vincent is a Youth Advisor and a Teacher of the Word.

E-mail: mensahtimmy@yahoo.com

Tel: +233 26 131 3688 / +233 27 020 8558

3 Responses to M. T. Vincent

  1. God bless you to my brother. Its my Prayer the Lord uses us as Channel of Blessings to out generation.


  2. Nana Nhyiraba says:

    Awwww God bless you so much ochaps!
    I thank God for your life!
    #Keep it up

    Liked by 1 person

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