Believing in Christ (Part 1)


By: M. T. Vincent & A. G. Angela

Biblically, the word “believe” is the verb form of faith. In that sense, it is more than just ‘believing’, but also it is to trust. If the word “believe” is biblically the verb form of faith, then we need to understand “believe” is an action.

Primarily, we understand a verb to be an action word. Therefore, “believing” in the Christian life is all about proving or portraying.

Jhn 3:16 makes us aware whoever “believes” in Jesus Christ will be saved and would have everlasting life. Therefore, if “believe” is an action, how can it be in line with the verse. We “believing” in Jhn. 3:16 is all about having faith in the Lord Jesus. Having faith on Him is the essence of we listening to Him. “Faith come by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God” – Rom. 10:17

Now, “believe” in Jhn. 3:16 is all about making Jesus our Lord. And that happends when we confess Him. Confession is an action (work) and that is the first step of your faith (believe) in Him. “Faith with no works is dead” – James 2:26, therefore, confessing is the first works of your believe (faith).

God bless us all, in the Part 2, we shall deal with what Confession is about and what it means to make Jesus Christ our Lord.

Stay blessed and forward the message.

The Work,
Christians Message Devotional © 2015

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