Believing in Christ (Part 3)

Believing in Christ (Prt. 3)
By: M. T. Vincent & A. G. Angela

In the previous parts of this topic we understood that before we can confirm one believes in Christ, the person should accept Him as the Lord & Savior. Making Him your Lord means you would obey to every instructions He gives you. It is after you obey Him that He becomes your savior.

The Bible says faith with no works is in vain. What is the works here is all about doing the heart desire of our Lord Jesus Christ. He once said in during His time on earth, “obey my commandments if you love me”. He is still saying it today. Obedience is seen when you are DOING the heart desire of Him. DOING is an action therefore it becomes a verb and that is faith, because faith is works and works are known to be action word and and action word is a VERB. Therefore, the Lord require us to put our “faith” to action.

Sometimes when we are asked to do something at home, we feel not to meet that requirement because we might be tired or want to do our own thing. But one thing I want to make you aware is, we shouldn’t have an option, even the matters at home matters here too, because the Bible says we should respect authority and our parents as well. Having no option towards your master’s command makes you secured under His feet. A human master will do the best for the most humble servant, that’s the same thing the Lord will do for those who obey Him. Also, as we obey Him it will make us to be occupied with His very nature and it is this that will make people know we are Christians. Just as the Apostles were seen to be in the kind of Christ and they were called Christians.

It is always the best to believe in Christ by proving to Him through the obedience to His commandments. He said, “I love those who loves me”. The Lord will only identify those who loves Him by just recognizing those who obey His commandments. If you haven’t accepted him as your Lord and you desire to know the steps to make Him your Lord and Savior kindly read the previous message “The Simple Question” from our Website.

May the Lord help us all. Stay blessed & share with all.

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