Spiritual Marriage (Part 4)

By: CMDAR Writers

For some weeks now we have been treating “Evil Spiritual Marriage”. We explained what it is all about and some of its causes. Today, we are moving ahead to some of the Effects of Evil Spiritual Marriage.

1. The most dangerous part is that, it affects the victim’s relationship with the HOLY SPIRIT. This is because it is a demonic influence. Most victims feel guilty and unworthy to even pray. They are swallowed up by the consciouness of sin and condemination. To suprise you, this sense of guilt is caused by the spiritual sex partners (demons) so that at the end they can win the victim to their side (hell). It only takes the grace of GOD to set the victims free.

2. It takes away the inner peace of a man. It makes you feel you are loosing yourself, your inner beauty and your glory even as a child of GOD.

3. It breaks down human marriage. Since the demon is married to the human, it does everything to prevent the victim from marriage. Its either you cant marry at all or you never find happiness in marriage.

We may not be able to mention all the effects but another thing is, it takes away your peace and makes you a slave. Therefore, let him who thinks he stands take heed lest he fall. (1Cor 10:12).

May the Lord set us free from such situations and prevent us from them.

NB; CMD Ministry is always welcoming those with situations, that they really need assistance or help in prayers. We will help you overcome this demonic situations by the Grace of God. Please don’t be shy and contact us (+233 27 020 8558) or christiansmessage@yahoo.com. Stay blessed.


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