Spiritual Marriage (Part 1)

By: The Team (Additional Readers Writers)

For this month, we shall discuss the topic SPIRITUAL MARRIAGE in detail with its  causes, effects and solutions subsequently. But for now  we shall deal with only the introductory part.

What is marriage?
It is a legal union between a man and a woman who have agreed to live together as a husband and wife .Therefore God in His special way created a man named Adams and a woman named Eve to stay together and and fill the earth. The bible didn’t say out of the ribs of spirits did he create a woman but rather MAN in his own image(GENESIS  2:7,18-19).

Every marriage is spiritual but not all marriages are physical. Why?
In the normal institution of marriage, it is classified as both spiritual and physical because, the man and woman comes together as one body in the physical realm to form their family and at the same time become “spiritually” soulmates.

What then is a spiritual marriage?
It iss an illegal union between humans and spirits (GENESIS  1-4) such marriages usually occurs with the agreement of its victims. It is done spiritually on the basis of destruction to its victims. With this other aspect of marriage, most of their activities happends in the spirit realms. This kind of marriage is not just called “Spiritual Marriage” but rather “Evil Spiritual Marriage”.99% of marriage is a spiritual. Because, as  said already;

1. Normal human marriage exist in spirit (where a man and a woman becomes spiritual soulmate).
2. Normal human marriage exist in the physical realm too, because both the man and the woman comes together to form their family.
3. It is only Evil Spiritual Marraige that happends “only” in the spirit realm.

What then is an Evil Spiritual Marriage?
It is the state where an evil spirit get access to a human being and lives with him or her as a husband or a wife. The evil spirit marries a human being either with the agreement of the human being or his ignorance. Some people unaware attracts spirit to have access to them while others also intentionally give themselves to marry spirits (because they want to apply dubious means to usually acquire wealth). Have in mind that whenever a spirit marries a human, the spirit does all it can to prevent the human to get married to another human unless that relationship between the spirit and the human is broken.

May the Lord help us all. Stay blessed and share with all.

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