Spiritual Marriage (Part 2)

By: The Team (CMDAR Writers)

By grace we were able to introduce what spiritual marriage is all about last week. We understood every 99.9% of  marriage is spiritual because a man and a woman becomes soulmates and when a spirit marries a man, it’s also known as spiritual marriage. But a spirit marrying a man becomes not just a spiritual marriage but rather an Evil Spiritual Marriage. We also understood some of the evil spiritual marriage  actually happends with the victims being ignorant of it whiles others also call it upon themselves.

Today, would continue with the causes of spiritual marriage.

Below are some human activities and how they could lead to spiritual marriage.

1. Exposing sensitive part of the body:
Everyday, everywhere even including  church meetings demons are around. Remember, even in the Bible when God was with His angels Lucifer appeared there, that’s when he came to speak to God about Job. If even before the Almighty God the devil appeared, what makes it impossible for him to be in the church meetings. We know spirits can not operate unless it get access to a body. 99% of the activities of spirits needs a body, that’s why God brought Jesus to earth through a human, Mary. Now with the evil spirits, when they see most ladies and even men almost naked or “naked”, it gives them the guarantee to access them. This mostly happends unwillingly or unintentionally.

2) Generational inheritance:
They are inheritance passed on by our fore fathers to the next generations. Example is family idol. One is likely to face such marriage when there is an idol in his or her family, such idols tend to marry the members  in that family. The bible says “the devil came to steal, kill and destroy”. Once there is an idol in the family, their spirits are under it and so they must be submissive to it. It takes the grace of God to be saved.

This is not all the causes of Evil Spiritual marriage, we shall discuss the rest next week. May the Lord help us all and open the eyes of our understanding.

Stay blessed and share with all.

The work,

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