Spiritual Marriage (Part 3)

By: The Team (CMDAR Writers)

By grace we were able to introduce what spiritual marriage is all about last two weeks and we dealt with some of its causes last week which included;
A. Exposing sensitive parts of the body.
B. Generational inheritance .

Today, we would continue with the rest of the causes of spiritual marriage.

Below are some human activities and how they could lead to spiritual marriage.

1. Watching pornography:
The eye is one of the door ways in which a devil can pass through to posses a man. Watching porn movies opens the heart for the devil to accumulate therein.

2. Fornication and adultery:
Fornication is an illicit intimate sex between a man and a woman whereby the offender is currently not married whiles adultery is an illicit sex between a man and a woman whereby the offender is currently married.(1 cor 7:2) (Levit 20:10). Note that God knows why he created everything in the body. He knows the purpose of creating hymen in females which breaks after her first intercourse. The blood that cometh has it own purpose too. The moment there is exchange of blood during sexual intercouse symbolize a covenant between the two involved. There will be  a bound between them. If not married, there is exchange of spirits. So the spirit following the male will follow the female and vice versa.

3. Naming a child after someone who is possesed:
A child is named after someone the parents think he or she posses a good character. Sometimes the one the child is named after spiritually posses an evil spirit. He or she can marry the child spiritually in other to destroy the child.

4. Words of the mouth also counts a lot:
Sometimes men say certain things without knowing the outcome. For example, “a man went to the river side and asked the god (goddess) of the river to help him become rich and he will never disobey the spirit in the river”. When something like this happends, the god or the spirit in the river can choose to marry you. Yes! It happends. Such a thing is mainly the fault of the people who sought  help from other gods.

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May the Lord open the eyes of our understanding.
stay blessed and share with all.

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