Believing in Christ (Part 2)


By: M. T. Vincent & A. G. Angela

In the Part one of this topic we made it clear that believing in something demands an action to prove that YES! you believe. Therefore, we understood that “believe” brings about faith of which the faith would be seen through your work. This makes it clear when we say faith is works. We also understood believing in Jesus is all about making Him your Lord & Savior. And that is seen when you confess Him & rely on His commandment.

Let’s continue from here. What does it mean to confess Christ. I know very well that some churches believes that confessing Christ is not relevant when it comes to salvation. But please let’s understand that that doctrines are not from God. Why? Because Romans 10:10 says, “for with the heart doth [one] believe to righteousness, and with the mouth is confession made to salvation” So it is in the heart one believes and out of the believing one confesses unto salvation.

One important thing I desire us to take notice here is, when one is confessing Christ, s/he goes this way; “…I confess you as my LORD & SAVIOR…” Why do you think the “Lord” comes before the “Savior”?  We have something called ‘Scale of Preference’ in Economics. It is all about the arrangement of items according to its importance. Yes, both Lord & savior are important but which of them is firstly necessary?

Who is “Lord” & who is a “Savior”? A Lord is someone who has a servant, and when he commands his servant it is expected the servant have no excuse. Therefore, if Jesus is our Lord, all it means is he is our commander. He said, ‘obey my commandments if you love me’. So it is after you obey his commandment that He becomes your savior.

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