By: O. Samuel

Beloved I welcome you again to a new day full of glorious opportunities. I believe you had a wonderful night, even if you didn’t, still praise God because you are alive with more of God’s plans coming your way. The Gospel about oneness is something that the Bible always talked about. Ephesians 4:3-6 describes the oneness in the Church.
Without the oneness, then I’m afraid the gospel cannot be preached. Oneness causes us think as one and share the same love. Oneness amongst the saints prevents any form of discrimination. In our Oneness, we have to esteem others even better than ourselves. Oneness has no room for vain glory or rivalry. For oneness to grow, we need to live a life full of humility and simplicity. When the oneness is kept in this way, then the Gospel can be ministered to the world.

Here are things that prevent our Oneness to grow:
1. Insincerity amongst the saints.
2. A saint being offended when he or she is corrected or rebuked.
3. The vilifying way we sometimes talk to the saints.
4. The fear of one being offended when he or she is corrected or rebuked.
5. Hypocrisy amongst the saints.
6. The clergy-laity system.

*Without oneness in the Church, there’s no way God’s economy will be promoted and the Church will fall short of the blessings of the Lord. Read Psalm 133.

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