The accusation of Satan in our conscience. (Part One)

Fri, 4th Mar, 2016.

Good morning to you beloved. Let us lift up our hearts with our hands unto God in the heavens, giving Him thanks for all the things He has done in our lives. We may think of how terrible things have been, but the truth is everything that goes on in our Christian lives, it is for our own good.
Today we learn something about the accusations Satan normally puts on our consciences.

Weeks ago we learnt on how Satan attacks our minds and yesterday we were also able to know on how Satan attacks our bodies. The truth is he does also attack our conscience in the form of accusations. I believe we know how the conscience reacts to sin. These accusations may weaken one’s whole being.

Many of us dare not to resist these accusations for fear that they may be the reproof of the Holy Spirit. We cannot distinguish between these two, hence accepting the accusations of the devil as the reproof of the Holy Spirit. What is the difference anyway? Satan’s accusations are never clear and sharp, they babble long like a talkative or a dissatisfied person; never pointing out clearly the sin before us thus leaving us with a guilty feeling. But the reproof of the Holy Spirit enlightens us with a great light so that we can distinctly see our faults.

The accusations of Satan lack positive purpose, they do not edify us, instead cause us to suffer. They attack us till we are no longer able to stand up before God. The purpose of the reproof of the Holy Spirit however, is to strengthen us, not to weaken us. The more we are reproved, the easier for us to rise up before God. Satanic accusations produces the opposite, the more we are accused, the more we are weakened. May God open our hearts and minds in order to perceive the accusations of Satan.

Please let us continue tomorrow God-willing for more of the truth to be revealed. God bless you. Amen.

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