The accusation of Satan in the conscience. (Part Two)

Sat, 5th Mar, 2016.

Good morning God’s people. We give thanks to the Lord for blessing us with a new day. I pray that we may glorify the Lord with our lives in this day and the following days to come. Today we continue with yesterday’s message. May the Lord make us those who will always apply more of His Word in our lives.

The results of satanic accusations are very different from the results of the reproach of the Holy Spirit. If it is the reproach of the Holy Spirit, we will have joy and peace within us after we have confessed our sins to the Lord. At the time we are being reproved, we do suffer agony, but as soon as we confess our sins before God, we enjoy peace in our hearts.

With satanic accusations it is not so. Even at the time of prayer and confession, we are still bothered by his mumbling. He makes us think that our confession before God is of no avail and that we are sinful and useless before God. There is no sin in this world so great that the blood of the lamb cannot cleanse. We therefore need to believe that the blood of Christ is able to cleanse our conscience from every form of sin. This will put an end to Satan’s accusations.

Let me tell you one truth, Satan’s accusations need never be confessed. If once we ask for the cleansing of the precious blood, then we will also have to do the same for the second time and this goes on endlessly. Anytime we are attacked with such an accusation and we are forced to confess, we must tell the Lord, “Lord, pardon me for not confessing! If I actually have sinned, I still will not confess, no, not to the accusations of Satan”.
Our confession must only be to the reproach of the Holy Spirit.
May God bless and grace us all.  Amen.
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