By: O. Samuel

Praise the Lord for the Lord’s day. May we all go to our various meetings and fellowship with the Church unto the Lord. Today we learn about the discipline of God. Please find time to read Hebrews 12:4-13. It actually talks about this discipline of God.

When a believer is in the process of passing through hardship, being under the chastisement of the Lord, he may really regard it lightly and let the chastisement of the Lord slip by. Or when he’s faced with the reproach of the Lord, the hand of the Lord being heavy upon him, he may faint, considering it too difficult to be a Christian. He expects to have a prosperous road in this Christian life. Here we see that such a believer is not mentally prepared to be a Christian under such circumstances, he feels discouraged and thinks of quitting. But the book of Hebrews indicates that neither of these reactions is correct.

As believers,we must accept the discipline of the Lord in good faith. Because He loves us He will always discipline us. A loving father will always discipline his child when he does wrong.
Here the same applies to our heavenly father. He disciplines us because He is preparing us for His Kingdom.

I pray we may always accept the chastisements of the Lord, for in them we gain the chance to enjoy with the Lord in the years to come. God bless you. Amen

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