By: O. Samuel

“I was glad when they said to me let us go into the house of the Lord”. I’m glad today because it is the Lord’s day. May we all meet in one spirit and hope to fellowship unto Him. Today we continue to learn more about the discipline of God. In fact the Lord keeps filling me with this truth over and over. I believe He is still working in us; preparing us the more in Him. May His will be promoted in us everyday. We are still using Hebrews 12:1-13.

Let us read the verse 8 from the Weymouth New Testament:
“And if you are left without discipline, of which every true son has had a share, that shows that you are bastards, and not true sons.”
Hallelujah for the Lord’s discipline. Discipline is the proof that we are sons of God. Meaning if you are not disciplined, then you are not a son of God.

Do not imagine that God’s discipline is something special for you. No, the discipline of God is found in the things that you endure everyday-a hard word, a bad face, a sharp tongue, discourteous treatment, an unreasonable criticism, various kinds of disgrace, sicknesses, all the many pains and difficulties you meet.All these,when you endure, is the discipline of God says the apostle.

Do remember, discipline is God’s favour, not His animosity. Many have the wrong idea that when they are disciplined,they are ill-treated by God. No, God treats us as His sons. We should know better, most brothers in the Bible were also disciplined like the way we are disciplined now. May we be humble under God’s disciplinary hand, for He is preparing us to be holy;to be like Him when He comes. God bless you. Amen
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