By: O. Samuel

Praise the Lord beloved. We bless God once again for such a blissful day.  He continues to work more for us. The Gospel of God constitutes of 5 basic components;The Christ, The Church *The Cross, The Kingdom and The Glory. These are very fundamental in order for one to be able to finish the Christian race. But as you can see,the cross is with asterisk, meaning without the Cross, you can not get to experience the other four. It is through the Cross that we gain the life of Christ into us. The Bible tells us that when we accepted the Lord Jesus as our Lord and saviour, our old life was exchanged with His life on the Cross;our old life was crucified on the Cross, thus the new life of Christ;the Holy Spirit lives in us now.

But then once you receive Christ’s life,He brings you into His wonderful Family which is His body;the Church. We express His life in us through the Church life. We love one another,we preach the Gospel,we fellowship in His name, we give help to the needy….. As the Church being the Bride of the Lord, we hope for the return of the Lord, to join in His marvelous Kingdom. Yes when He comes,He will appear in His Glory together with all the Overcomers and thus His glory will fill the whole earth. I believe you will be part of this glorious family of Overcomers. We shall rule and reign with Him for eternity long.God bless you. Amen

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