By: O. Samuel

Praise the Lord brethren. We bless the Lord for another blissful morning. Today’s message tells us about how to understand the times in order to be able to run this Christian race. In these days, most Christians have accepted the abnormal to be rather the normal and vice versa. Most of us are actually doing things contrary to what the Bible asks us to do. We need to understand the times that we are in today in order to finish this Christian race set before us. For a Christian to finish his or her race, it actually depends on him or her.We need more grace to understand these times we find ourselves to be in. These times are clearly evil.

We’re sleeping in a way;because our Christian life is less active. We normally find ourselves to be in the flesh. But the only way that can help one to make it in these evil times is to turn to the Spirit at all times. Read Matthew 13:24-30,Romans 13:11-14. The moment we turn to the flesh, that is when the devil also comes in like a thief to destroy. We need to stay awake at all times in order to prevent the enemy from using us. Staying awake actually means that we should be in the Spirit at all times,having nothing to do with the flesh.

Talking of this then there is a proper way that we should walk and live in. Romans 13:11-14 gives us this proper way.These times that we find ourselves in requires us to be in the spirit at all times and also keep the oneness. When we are one, we aid in God’s interest and purpose for us. We need to pray to the Lord at all that He Himself should deal with our souls and bodies. May we gain more grace to be able to live righteously in these evil days. God bless you. Amen
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