By: O. Samuel

Beloved we bless the Lord a new blessed day.I hope you have been enjoying the messages. Today we talk about the universal priesthood.
This is when all the saints come together to build up the church(body of Christ). Our oneness and our service are very crucial. As young as we are,this is the time we forget about how imperfect we are and rather look up to the cross and begin to serve the Lord. One thing that can easily cover our service is sin. When we turn into the flesh, then we cannot serve the Lord. Anger comes when we are rebuked our sometimes even corrected. We shouldn’t let offenses hinder us from serving.

2 Timothy 4:5 from the KJV Bible:
“But watch thou in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, make full proof of thy ministry.”
These afflictions the Bible talks about was common to a lot of personalities in the Bible of which most of them endured because of who and what they believed in. Please read these verses.

(Job 5:7; Job 14:1; Psa 34:19); are for the good of men
(Jam 1:2, Jam 1:3, Jam 1:12; Co2 12:7) and the glory of God
(Co2 12:7; Pe1 4:14), and are to be borne with patience by the Lord’s people
(Psa 94:12; Pro 3:12). They are all directed by God (Lam 3:33), and will result in the everlasting good of his people (Co2 4:16) in Christ Jesus (Rom 8:35).
May we gain more grace to serve the Lord and endure all afflictions in our Christian life.

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