By: O. Samuel

Hello brethren, we bless the Lord once again for His glorious work continued in us. He has blessed us with a new week and a new day. May we make every moment a fruitful one unto the Lord. Today, the question I want to ask is, what do you think separates you from God’s presence? Yes, I know the answer you are thinking of right now is ‘sin’. The Bible speaks of sin being a barrier between us and God. Whenever one sins, he loses the fellowship he has with the Lord(as we saw in Communional forgiveness).

But then is it only sin that you think  causes a separation between us and God? Has there been any time in your life that feel you have sinned not but you still do not feel the Lord’s presence? Yes i have had such a feeling before and I guess you also have. This brings us to the point that sin is not the only thing that separates us from the Lord, but also certain instances in our daily lives do separate us from the presence of Lord. These instances are not sinful though, but they cause us to lose the presence of the Lord anyway.

For instance, a believer may be in a business that requires most his time. He can work to the extent of even working on Lord’s days (Sundays). He wakes up early in the morning forgetting to pray or even reading the Bible. Though he can actually get a special time with Lord, but he choses to work all day and later returns home very exhausted. Here he may do all his best to stay away from sin but yet still he loses his fellowship with the Lord.

There are many instances that we lose our fellowship with the Lord even though are considered not sinful- a student burdened with lectures and studies all day; an individual having family problems to attend to and others. But there is something to be noted here, they all may seem not to be sinful, but you should know they are strategies the devil uses to snatch us from God’s presence. For us to finish this Christian race, we need to understand the times we are in and be more vigilant.

May the Lord open our eyes to see the cunning ways of the evil one in our lives and always get spend our time with Him no matter what or where we find ourselves to be. We pray for more grace. God bless you. Amen.

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