“Thank you Lord for adding a Year to my age”

Date: 16th September, 2015 (Wednesday)

CMD is so glad to Praise God for adding a year to our co-writer / co-worker’s life. Antwi Gyanwaa Angela has been one of the active members or workers of CMD ministry.

She is currently the author of Wednesday’s devotional. Unfortunately or fortunately, God added a year exactly the day she writes her devotional and that’s today.


Antwi Gyanwaa Angela

“I thank the Lord soo much for what He has done for me – adding another to my age. It is just His grace and love that has sustain me till this time. I therefore praise Him for everything and sparing my life and that of my sister Angelina. Just as He has been faithful unto me i will forever be faithful unto Him. Thank you once again Lord”

Oh God CMD ministry says thank you, we seek long life for sister Angela.